Apply to be a Mentor

Apply to be a Mentor

ETI offers the opportunity for experienced professionals to establish a mentoring relationship with in-house entrepreneurs acting as a close, trusted, and experienced mentor. Mentors are expected to set aside time for their mentee, offer and share knowledgeable experiences and opportunities, and have a background expertise in an industry of focus. If you meet all of these criteria, we encourage you to apply to become a mentor. If you have any questions please email Kathy Roach. Apply now. 

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"One of our secrets to success is being part of the ETI community of aspiring entrepreneurs. With the leadership, training, mentor support and the resources of Gannon University, ETI is one of the hottest accelerators to build a startup. ETI fosters a culture of innovation and hard work. Both play a huge role in the success of Evident Financial. Our business is mostly conducted face-to-face, so it is important we have an office environment that makes our clients feel welcomed and comfortable. The beautiful lobby and office space of the CBI building is fresh and vibrant, the perfect complement to our brand. As Founder of Evident Financial, I could not overstate how important ETI is to the growth of Evident Financial. We are fortunate to be part of the ETI family." 

David Cullen, CFA

Founder and CEO - Evident Financial

It is said 90% of startups fail. The ETI gives entrepreneurs the resources to beat the odds through world-class mentorship, a collaborative professional environment, and an invaluable network of industry connections.

Nate Carlin, Co-Founder

Olympia Technologies