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Our Clients

Erie Technology Incubator is proud to serve the following clients. Please note that some of our company names have been excluded due to confidentiality.

AcousticSheep developed soft comfortable headphones in a patented headband design, with an emphasis on using environmentally-friendly materials and manufacturing processes.  They strive to use local resources, stay technologically-savvy and be socially responsible as they create the market for innovative headband headphones.  AcousticSheep LLC was founded in 2007 by Dr. Wei-Shin Lai, a family physician and her husband Jason Wolfe, a video game developer.  Dr. Lai struggled with getting back to sleep after patient phone calls in the middle of the night. She needed to listen to some meditative music to help her relax. But headphones were bulky, and ear buds were uncomfortable. Since there were no headphones specifically designed for sleeping on the market, they invented her own.  AcousticSheep now sells SleepPhones® and RunPhones® brand headphones all over the world

ADAPTmicrosys has a unique business proposition in mobile fabless semiconductor and product manufacturing industries. Mobile products (i.e., Smartphones, Cellphones, Tablets, Game Machine, etc.) employing microprocessors and memories demand low-power and high-performance operations at ever-increasing rates. Current technologies only permit a trade-off between low-power and high-performance. They developed a unique technology for achieving both multiple times lower energy consumption and higher performance of the low-/medium-/high-end microprocessor systems (i.e., Intel ARM SA-1, Intel ARM Xscale, and Alpha21264) than the same microprocessors do.

Code Kit PRO  The Professional Resuscitation Organizer, developed by an Erie,PA. paramedic-turned-trauma surgeon and an ambulance technician-turned-critical care nurse, brings the ultimate set-readiness of the operating room to the scene of an emergency. Their patented flagship product, Pedi-PRO, puts all of the supplies needed to provide pediatric resuscitation within sight and anatomically arranged around the patient, at your fingertips ready for instant use. Lightweight, reusable/disposable/recyclable and user configured, the Pedi-PRO accommodates patients from infants to 80 pounds.

The Conduit Technology Engine is a powerful cloud based tool offering centralized control and automation to all aspects of a company’s documentation and workflow processes. Using the data within their existing software framework, companies will quickly automate, streamline and organize their entire documentation and work management processes. Conduit allows organizations to create multi layered rules for automated document creation and collaborative business processes derived from the data from that organization's existing internal data structures. Conduit is already deployed in the healthcare space generating millions of documents from hundreds of thousands of unique work processes and from millions of inbound messages each year. Conduit currently stores millions of unique documents with exhaustive versions and complete metadata for each of those documents. This product is sold as “MYForms”™ by Brightree, the largest billing software in the 105 billion dollar Home Medical Equipment industry. The company is currently developing strategies of how to enhance its value in other market verticals.

Green LightingLED manufactures LED lamps and fixtures.  Headquartered in Erie, Pennsylvania, our engineers and business professionals design, develop and produce the highest quality LED technology-based products.  Working directly with Green Lighting LED provides factory direct pricing, American design, engineering and manufacturing, and quality services.  Our services include lighting layout assistance, detailed ROI calculations, financing packages, private labeling, custom manufacturing and much.

Khonsu LLC is a startup company from Erie, PA.  We are revolutionizing the tent industry with our new technology the All-use Structural Pole or ASP.  Our ASP technology is a collapsible pole that can be inserted into previously existing tents and allows you to never have to remove the poles from the tent ever again. Its simple and quick and will make your camping experience less about putting up and taking down your tent and more about enjoying your time with Mother Nature.

InnovaTel was founded by Jon Evans, Lee Penman, Liberty Eberly, D.O., Robert Wilson, MD, PhD, Lucinda Hendrickson and Nauman Islam, all of whom have many years of experience as clinicians and administrators in Behavioral Health. They implemented a successful telepsychiatry program in the CMHC they founded over 20 years ago.  As more of their colleagues around the country continue to have limited access to psychiatric hours, telepsychiatry became the clear solution to the problem.  Employing their experience and expertise in the field, they attracted like-minded psychiatrists and established InnovaTel as an alternative to scarce on- site services. Utilizing telemedicine technologies, our psychiatrists effectively diagnose and treat consumers. Telemedicine technology has been successfully used in numerous specialties for many years. There is probably no specialty better adapted to the technology than psychiatry.

MAKTEAM software was founded in 2003.  MAKTEAM's core product, EvalTools®, addresses academic concerns in standard attainment, student evaluations, outcomes assessment as well as gauging teaching effectiveness. EvalTools® Higher Ed andEvalTools®K12 are both designed to specifically satisfy higher education and K-12 unique learning environments.  They strive to provide the world-class quality products to enhance academic learning and be your reliable assistant in meeting your educational goals.

Medical Opinion Systems, LLC, is an online medical service that offers professional medical opinions from a wide range of independent, experienced and highly respected medical specialists all within 5 days or less.

OUT OF THE GREY COFFEE (OOTG) is a custom batch organic coffee roaster and tea merchant committed to provide customers with the highest quality product on the planet.  They are dedicated to deliver quality selected and customized flavors along with the exotic passion of faraway coffee lands to the welcomed world of coffee connoisseurs everywhere!  Each component is roasted and blended to highlight the inherent attributes of the selected coffee and desired taste of the consumer.

Through purchasing 54 different organic and largely Fair-Trade coffees from around the world and offering over 179 named coffee creations, they are able to design custom coffee blends to delight tastes in-person and online.  Furthermore, they serve the coffee they roast at their Coffeehousecafé in Fairview PA, which they use as their laboratory.  This consumer-oriented approach puts their beans to the test.  Products are tested weekly by discriminating coffeehouse patrons; who provide unique and valuable insight into consumer taste preferences.  OOTG strives to be highly differentiated by offering consumers the web-based opportunity to create, name and brand their own coffee creation.

Rentaba provides a platform for creating and maintaining fair, ethical relationships between landlords and tenants. Their website allows for seamless organization and transfer of relevant information, discussions, and questions resulting in a wholly transparent and trustworthy rental experience. Legal protections, commonly found in traditional contracts today, are built-in throughout the relationship lifecycle in a new engine called, FairTract™.  They provide all site users with a clean, simple, and elegant platform for creating and maintaining positive rental relationships. They also help facilitate core functions on behalf of their landlords and tenants, like the background and credit check process, as well as, a marketplace for payments. Rentaba was founded on seeking an ethical and fair process for renting. They strongly believe that renting means starting a long term relationship between a Landlord and a Tenant. They strive to make this process simple, easy, and fair to all. Yes, there are transactions in this relationship, but that's only one part of it.  They are proud to introduce what they feel is the best alternative and comprehensive solution to benefit their customers, "The FairTract™".

Verify!  is a telecommunications consulting firm that specializes in managing ALL aspects of your company’s telecom services and expenses.  Their team consists of nine trained professionals who specialize in the recovery of your business' telecom dollars.  They aggressively manage phone, internet, data, and cellular accounts as well as utility bills to resolve billing errors, negotiate better rates, drive efficiency up, and save your company valuable time, resources, and money.  With Verify! you receive all the resources, expertise and availability of an onsite telecom department, at a fraction of the cost!  They pride themselves on saving you the time and headache of dealing with your service providers, by working with them on your behalf.  "We work with the phone company, so you don’t have to! ®"