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Nurturing and mentoring start-up companies is not a new concept – but finding the right level of support can often be a challenge. The Erie Technology Incubator serves Northwest Pennsylvania with a unique blend of strategic guidance, dedicated mentor teams, 1:1 coaching, and networking opportunities. We provide early stage technology-enabled companies with critical resources and support to guide them during this challenging phase.



  • 1Is your idea or concept “ready” to become a business, or are you prepared to transition your current enterprise from “hobby” to “business?
  • 2Do you have a business plan or at least a strong understanding of your market and key competitors?
  • 3Can your product be differentiated from others in the marketplace? How is yours better?
  • 4Are you able to fund your company for 1-2 years with current capital on hand?
  • 5Entrepreneurship is not easy; are you prepared to work the long hours necessary to build a business? Are you coachable?

If you answered “YES” to these questions, your idea, concept, or business may be a candidate for our incubation process! To learn more, please call ETI at 814.459.6110 or e-mail our Executive Director, Jeff Parnell at with your name, phone number, and a few sentences about the opportunity to plan to pursue!


Green Lighting LED (2014 ETI Graduate)
"ETI and their mentors helped shape our business positively. For me, it was like receiving a real-time MBA in a high stakes environment."
- Joel Gehly, Founder and President
"The Erie Technology Incubator has been invaluable to our company. The tools, resources and mentoring programs that they provide are accelerating our speed to market."
- Stephen P. Kovacs, DO, FCCP, Co-Founder & CEO; and Jamison L. Krugger, Co-Founder & CTO


  • Dec 18, 2015

    Education notes for Dec. 13

    ETI offers new grants for entrepreneurs. The Erie Technology Incubator at Gannon University will offer two additional programs to assist area entrepreneurs in early 2016.

  • Dec 04, 2015

    Gannon University Announces Exciting New Opportunities for Local Entrepreneurs

    The Erie Technology Incubator at Gannon University (ETI) announced today that it will offer two additional programs to assist area entrepreneurs in early 2016. The first program is a continuation of the University's successful Technology Business Accelerator, which debuted in September, 2014.

  • Dec 04, 2015

    Gannon unveils grant program for entrepreneurs

    A grant of $3,000 or even $9,000 won't build what could be Erie's next big homegrown employer. But for a fledgling company at the starting gate, that sum could be the difference between success and failure, said W.L. Scheller II, dean of the college of Engineering & Business at Gannon University.

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