Seed is a nonprofit corporation that provides education in the areas of financial literacy, computer skills, and decision-making using Software as a Service (SaaS) teachings. Seed provides a financial literacy library and computer training resources enabling social collaboration where knowledge is shared. This is utilized by creating a user base social media network like LinkedIn but focused on educating an underrepresented demographic.

Seed was founded and developed by Geremy Paige, MBA during March of 2020. Geremy has a background in Business Administration and currently researching cybersecurity through Gannon University. Being from Wheeling, West Virginia it was always Geremy’s goal to give back to underrepresented demographics through building economic growth. That is why Seed’s priority is to teach the skills needed to fix the wealth inequalities that millions of underrepresented demographics face in America.

It is said 90% of startups fail. The ETI gives entrepreneurs the resources to beat the odds through world-class mentorship, a collaborative professional environment, and an invaluable network of industry connections.

Nate Carlin, Co-Founder

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