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There is a growing population of foreign-born citizens within the United States domestic labor force. Adequate resources have not been afforded to these citizens to help them secure common working/middle class positions because of their limited proficiency in the English language. The cross-platform Visual Translator application is meant to eradicate this impediment which will help aspiring members of our labor force secure positions that otherwise would not have been possible. This will consequently lead to lower unemployment rates and increase the quality of life for non-native English-speaking families. Using the 2019 “Bureau of Labor Statistics” report conducted by the U.S. Department of Labor we were able to conduct a secondary study of our target consumer and conclude which work environments would benefit them the most. The initial release of our app will have the ability to translate common items applicable to 4+ different workplace environments in 3 different ways being text, audio, and image. The app will be made available in both the Google Play Store for android users as well as the App Store for iOS users. This tool will exponentially help over 63 million employees familiarize themselves with the terms completely necessary to performing their daily tasks and communicating on a basic level with fellow co-workers.

It is said 90% of startups fail. The ETI gives entrepreneurs the resources to beat the odds through world-class mentorship, a collaborative professional environment, and an invaluable network of industry connections.

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