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Thank you for considering the Erie Technology Incubator!

If you can answer each of the “ARE YOU READY TO LAUNCH” questions on our home page with a resounding “YES!”, then we should talk more about your interest in joining ETI.

Get started by filling out the application below.

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Please provide the name of the company.
Please provide a list of the company's owners, the management team, and their roles and responsibilities.
What do you offer your customers / what are you going to offer to your customers? Is there any IP involved in your value proposition?
Please describe your target market. Is it B2B, B2C, or B2G? What are the demographics or psychographics of your customers?
Do you communicate with them in person, over the phone, do you have a website?
What does your marketing strategy look like? How do you sell your products to customers? How do you get the products to your customers?
How do you monetize your business model?
If possible, please give the name of the businesses that you are competing with.
What makes you unique? What is your competitive advantage?

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